Thursday, April 29, 2010

Palolem Day 2

After posting yesterday we went for a swim in the Arabian Sea. The water is so warm, the waves are a decent size (4 feet or so for the big ones), and it's just so nice having the beach literally on our doorstep. We had beer after the swim and kicked it...everybody was tired from travelling and being up since 5AM. After being lazy we went for one more swim, then trekked down the beach for a dinner. Funnily enough, our Scottish buddy from Hampi is here too, and so he's joined our posse. Coincidentally, he met a guy from Victoria here, who joined us for dinner. This guy just finished the carpentry course I'm going into at the same college! Small world eh? I had tandoori chicken for dinner- absolutely fantastic. The chicken gave me great energy for today as well. After dinner we sauntered on down to a bar (2 for one beers!!!!!) and hung out. Dylan and I played the Scot and Brit at pool for beers- we lost but it was close. Don't worry Canada, redemption shall be ours tonight. Today we slept in, and I just had breakfast. I've been getting kind of frustarted with the amount of sitting around and talking that's been going on here- I really want to get out there, so that's what I'm doing today. I know everyone just wants to kick it on the beach, but I'm not here long enough to drag ass really- not during the daytime at least. Anyways, today the agenda is swim-explore the next beach- kayak- beers. It's already one oclock and my breakfast should be digested by now, so I'm going to head out. Thanks for reading,



  1. Nick, sounds like an incredible place.. with LOTS OF BEER!!! OK, I am NOT going to say a worried Mother thing here... I will not. I will not. See, I can do it. I hope you are taking pictures, I can't believe you are at the Arabian Sea. What an experience! Love Mom

  2. Glad your feeling better Nick--interesting readings because it's like we are experiencing being there with you (without being a lodestone around your neck)- Keep enjoying and Living Your Dream---Uncle Jack - Aunty Elsie

  3. Hey Nick,

    Sounds like you are having a blast. Get out and do the things that you want to do during the day. You can always meet up at the end of the day. Just make sure that you have at least one other person with you. The Canadiens beat out Washington last night, so they get to play Pittsburgh next. Keep up the posting - it makes it easy to stay current with you.