Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bangalore Proper Post

Oh my Shiva it was hot today. Spent allday wandering around, bought a little camera, went to what MIGHT have been a gay bar (called NASA pub, waiters dressed as space captains...but then again it IS a different culture.), and drank litres of water. Lesson of the day; don't haggle with vendors unless you actually want to buy the item. Dylan got cursed out, and we got one poor fellow from 800 Rs for a pair of shades to 100Rs...and we didnt want them to begin with. Oh well, no harm done. Theres garbage everywhere and to cross the street you just have to dodge traffic (a LOT of traffic) times. Stray dogs everywhere. One instinct says pet them, another one says avoid rabies. Food is amazing here, and we are going to MYSORE tomorrow, gonna hike a 1000 m hill to a temple, then Hampi on Sunday. Train trip tomorrow! I'll post likely tomorrow evening...




  1. Wow Nick, that is just amazing, what a cultural difference. I can just see what you are describing. Thanks for the post! Hope the hike goes well and glad you have a camera now.

  2. Hey Nick,
    Don't touch the dogs in the cities, they are to dirty, but in the countryside, the dogs are pretty clean and sweet.
    We brought dogs and puppies into our hotels sometimes and they were lovely. My friends had a pic of me curled up around a puppy on the beach.

    And yes, drink lots of water, and just learn to say no to the vendors, because it is rude to spend the time haggling and then not buy the thing.

    have fun!!!

  3. Thanks Nick....I can just picture it having seen some documentaries on India. Joan gave you good advice about the dogs and dealing with the vendors. Did you get some cotton pants and tops? What kind of food are you eating that is so delicious? Mostly curry?
    Can't go wrong there. What is the time difference? Looking forward to your next report.
    Cheers...Grama (P.S. sleeping a little better and not worrying about you so much).

  4. Nick, I just heard on the radio that they cancelled all flights to Europe because of the volcano in Iceland, that would have blocked your flight to Paris, you just made it. There is volcanic ash that can endanger the planes in the upper atmosphere over Europe. No flights can travel to Europe from North America until April 20th now. Love Mom

  5. Hi Nick... your blog is great! I guess I'll have to stay updated through your blog if Dylan doesn't get one going. Tell that son of mine to stop tormenting the poor street vendors!
    Take care. Have fun and stay safe.

  6. Hey Nick,
    Looking forward to reading about your travels. Very very pleased you're doing this. Cat

  7. Hi Nick---I like the title of your Journey - I think if we were all more "Enlightened" on what is happening around us the world would be a better place - Keep Living Your Dream Uncle jack