Saturday, April 17, 2010


Left on Friday for the town of MYSORE on the train. Pretty awesome ride, hung out the side doors and whatnot like a freebird haha. This city's nowhere near as big as Bangalore, but its still busy. There are more people trying to get our money here, and getting them to F!*% off is a valuable skill. Yesterday we went to an incense factory, and bought some incense from Mr. India 1982's son (go figure). The smells are just incredible. Foodwise there is lots of rice and rice pancakes, I just had curry for lunch and neither of us has touched meat since arriving. Today we climbed a mountain (bushwacking for a bit, real harcore stuff), found some caves, and visited a temple atop the mountain. I have pictures so I won't try to describe it. We are celebrities here, we sit down for 5 minutes and everyone is shaking our hands etc. Lots of pictures are being taken, don't worry. Anyways, we're going to HAMPI as soon as we can, depends on train availiability. So far weve been accused of being Chinsese(whilst wearing a Canada shirt) , Australian, and German. Rickshaw's are fun, being a part of the mighty traffic flow is an experience all its own. No major ailments yet, awesome.



  1. Nick, great narrative! I can just picture you two there! Glad that your stomach is adapting so far and can't wait to see your pictures. I can just imagine... What an adventure.... Thanks for this great posting. Love you. Mom

  2. GReat comments Nick. What incredible sites you have visited so far. Today is a big E.Indian celebration in Surrey so I imagine they are celebrating the same festival there. Of course they celebrate lots of festivals so you should be in for more excitement. Chinese!
    I guess not too many Chinese travel to India so they don't know what they look like. The train ride sounds like fun, and the rickshaws.
    Your next stop looks very intersting. I checked it out on the internet. Grampa has another contact for you. His name is Ranjit. He is the company's P.R. manager and just went back to visit his family in India. This is just in case you need it. His phone number contact info is:

    011-91-9876318794 or

    Grampa thinks he was heading for the north part of India. Flights to Europe still cancelled because of the fall out from the volcano (under an icecap) in Iceland.
    Keep up the great reporting...