Friday, April 30, 2010

Booked my plane today. I tried to get a train but had no luck, I'm going to get one for my return South. I think the train from Dehli-Bangalore will be amazing- I will see the land develop and change....over 48 hours. I'm basically using Dehli as a gateway to the North- from there I'm going to Hardiwar, then Rishikesh, then to an as of yet undecided location. Dylan is going to Mumbai with a few buddies we met, so it looks like I'll be flying solo for a bit. It doesn't worry me though- most of the travellers we've met are doing this, and India is not a very dangerous country. Anyhow...yesterday I was travel planning all morning, then in the afternoon we got an AWESOME game of beach soccer going. Indians and foreigners alike were all playing and the game got quite intense. There was a kid of maybe 11 years of age playing- really just anybody who wanted in. Eventually, of course, the Canadians took the liberty of scoring the winning last goal. At night we simply ate dinner and then went to a beach bar and talked to people. Met a girl from Victoria- there were 4 Victorians in that bar! Go figure. Anyways, as you can see life isn't too exciting here, and that's why I want to leave. Hopefully I'll have a good story tomorrow.



  1. The Government issued a warning of an imminent terrorist attack today for Dehli and are warning Canadians not to travel there. It was issued by the Canadian Press. Can you please bypass Dehli.

  2. I saw the same news item Nick---might be a good idea to follow your Mom's advice and see if you can by-pass New Delhi---Uncle Jack

  3. Hey Nick,

    Have your wits about you - when you hear news like this you have to pay attention and heed it - as frustrating as it is. You can delay your travel there for awhile as you have time left. Don't worry about the money you have already spent on the flight - money can be replaced. Travel smart and don't force things - you have to adjust when you are traveling. You will get there before you leave, but be patient kid.


  4. Be careful, Nick. Listen to the old(er) people.
    It's best not to travel alone, even if you guys think it is safe there. Certainly, avoid New Delhi. I hope you and Dylan meet up again before you two head home. Thanks for being there with/for him when he was sick. That's when it's especially nice having a friend/travel companion with you.


  5. Hey Nick,
    Did you get into the jungle at all in Goa?
    It's very cool with waterfalls and animals and whatnot. And I should have told you to take the train from Goa to Mumbai to get north, that trip is one of the most gorgeous things I saw in India.
    maybe when you are taking the train back down from Delhi, you can take a detour.
    Delhi is smelly. and huge, don't spend too much time there. great food though...