Saturday, April 24, 2010


Dylan spent a little too much time in the sun yesterday, and as a result he wasn't feeling tip top this past 24 hours. This meant that today consisted of a whole lot of nothing- just running him water etc, hanging out with travelers, playing a game called Karan board...really exciting stuff. However, I already have climbing lined up with my buddy Tima, a local, and we will be joined by 2 girls. One is from New York, and one is from Wales. It'll be an early start (6:00 AM), but mornings here are my favourite part of day. Huge spider in my room last night- bigger than anything back home. I walked in and just got that feeling; there's a spider in here. No worries though, my Canadian instinct kicked and caused me to wrist shot the little bastard out of the door with a stick. Creepy nonetheless. Nothing else to report really- play with the pet dogs of my guesthouse, these dogs are some of the healthiest I have ever seen. White teeth, clear eyes, loads of energy, and very friendly. Other than that, nothing new to write. I'm getting tape on my hands tomorrow; the missing patches of flesh won't be getting any better soon hahaha. Not too much new to report, we're going to stay put until Dylan is FULLY recovered, so looks like a few more days in Hampi. Although I do want to hit the road because of my limited time, I can definitely think of worse places to be stuck...



  1. A giant spider in your room. Is it too early for me to start drinking again?

    Hope Dylan is recovering well. Having a few days to slow down a bit and recover is a good thing, for your hands as well Nick.

  2. Sounds like you're staying a bit healthier than Dylan is, Nick. Two hospital stays is enough! Hope your hands heal.... I think you guys need to lay low for a few days. Sunstroke and everything that comes with it is not pleasant as you've seen with Dylan. Be careful!

  3. Hey Nick, Marjorie wants you to find out where the girl from Wales is from and if she is "cool" like her! Tell her Cymru Forever!