Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 3 Palolem

Yesterday afternoon I started to get a little worried...Goa is great and all, but it's such a tourist spot. If I wanted to crash out on a beach for a week, I'd get some Cuba package; in short I feel like I'm wasting valuable time. So, after some mental deliberation and conference with fellow travelers, I've found a solution. We really want to go North, but the travel times are bus or train, that is. So, my plan is to fly out from Goa to Dehli in a day or two. It'll save me travel time, won't cost much, and will thrust me into what is, from all accounts, an absolutely incredible land. So, now that that's settled, here's what I did yesterday. I went for a swim after posting, then decided to go beach searching, and rented a scooter. Dylan hopped on the back, and we bombed out into the countryside, finding a nice dead beach about 20 km away. After just enjoying the serenity for a bit, we simply meandered about on our scooter, until the muffler conveniently fell off. Yes, it just fell off. No, we weren't doing jumps/wheelies/doughnuts. After a makeshift repair job, we got back and the scooter rental dude was actually quite easygoing about a refund. Satisfied with the day's adventure, we found our buddies and actually decided to buy a soccer ball. Today we're starting up a big game of beach pickup, which I'm rather excited for. The weather today is overcast and windy, and the temperature is actually quite nice. Alright, gotta go for a swim.


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  1. Nick, Delhi sounds incredible and even better if you travel with Dylan there! Two is better than one when travelling afar (and India is about as afar as you can get from here) Nick, think about that hard please before you act!! Please. That is another great post and another excellent adventure you two have shared. Love Mom