Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Hampi

Day 2 here started lazy- I had a big breakfast after a good 10 hour sleep and we generally just lounged about chatting with other guests in the lounge. At noon a couple friends of ours moved over from across the river, and are now staying at our lodge (they are from Scotland and England, by the way). In the afternoon we hiked off into the boulders around the river to find a little swimming hole, along with companions from LA and England. They were poorly equipped for the trek and had a hard time making it, but they did alright in the end. After basking in the glory of the river for about 10 minutes, a piercing "WHAT THE F*!& IS THAT THING?!?!! GET OUT OF THE WATER" (Coming from Dylan), sent us all scrambling the shore. Turns out it was a water snake, contrary to my initial thought of "Shark!!!!"...hahaha. Anyhow, after this I returned to Hampi alone to go bouldering with a friend of mine who lives here. 3 British girls and our two previously mentioned friends came with. My Hampi friend is an incredible climber, and showed us some proper routes. When I said bouldering was hard earlier, I didn't really mean my hands are shredded (literally), and my forearms feel like pieces of wood attatched to my elbows. Thankfully, the girls all have great cameras, and took some awesome shots. I've added them on facebook, so the shots will be available for all my fanbase to see hahaha. After bouldering we watched the sunset from some rocks, and came back to home base for some well earned grub and beer. I will go out bouldering again tomorrow with tape on my hands and a renewed vigour- this is the funnest sport I've tried for quite some time. The lifestyle here is nice- meeting lots of people, being active during the day, good food and whatnot at night, and then a blog post, reading, and BED! We must move on soon though. We don't know exactly where to, but it will be on the coast (Goa likely). Anyhow, I'll have more adventures to post tomorrow. Thanks for reading.



  1. Nick -we can't wait to read about your adventures and there are many more people than you know about reading your postings daily. A water snake! Just what your mom and I need to hear! Another Ahhhhhh! moment for us. What about when you are bouncing from boulder to boulder. There are probably snakes in the crevices - so watch where you stick your hands.
    You are in an amazing country and learning so much about it. Looking forward to pictures from your friends. It's cold here!!!!
    What do you eat??
    Cheers.....Grama R.

  2. Being a zoology graduate here is a word on the snakes. India has about 10 percent of the total snake species found in the world, adding up to somewhere around 200 species in number. They are found all over India. In addition to the water snake, found in fresh water and not a danger to man, are:

    Cobra, one of the poisonous snake species native to the Indian subcontinent. It grows to an average height of 1 m.

    King Cobra, the largest poisonous terrestrial snake, measuring up to 5.7 m in length.

    Python, one of the most massively built snakes of the Indian subcontinent. Found in water and on land.

    Russells Viper
    A highly poisonous snake of the Viperidae family, responsible for most of the snakebite deaths within its habitat.

    There are also sea snakes there and they are very venomous to man. So Nick, this is NOT a worried Mom lecture, just some background on an interesting reptile class based on my scientific zoological background. That said, I am going to go have a stiff drink now after reading this last post (maybe two) (no three) (oK, four).

    I'm going to check out the pictures now, keep posting!!! Love Mom p.s. use your polysporin on those cuts! :-)

  3. I am going to have a stiff drink too based on your Mom's info about the snakes!!!
    Grama A.

  4. Mother, it was scientific education only, not to make you worry! And look at it this way, one is named after you and Dave! (The "Russell's Viper)!

  5. Hey Nick, if you're still traveling with the guy from Bristol you can tell him that Marjorie used to go to visit the Zoo there when she was in school in Swansea. Take care of your mate Dylan.