Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plan B

So, after the whole "Dehli is going to be bombed" fiasco, I have a new plan. Instead of flying to Dehli to get North, I am taking the train from here (Goa) to Mumbai. Unfortunately, the train leaves at 7PM and arrives at 5 AM, so I won't get a chance to appreciate the scenery. From Mumbai I have a flight to Varanasi booked. I'm extremely excited to go to Varanasi- it is the holiest place in all of Hinduism. It's funny- I'm going from total beach party culture to a town where Hindu's go to die. Bit of a contrast there. Anyhow...after a morning spent in travel agencies canceling flights and booking trains, I ended up going kayaking. We checked out some mangroves, and saw...crabs climbing trees. I never knew crabs could do such a thing, but there you have it. Highlight of my day. Really though, it was qutie a laid back day and I am glad to be hitting the road. I think traveling alone is the way to go, it gives one a certain freedom that I can appreciate. Oh, and I'm buying a new camera tomorrow, so don't worry; there will be photos. Huge thunderstorm last right above our little cocohuts. It rolled in at 3am, and upon waking today we discovered coconuts and palm fronds whole hut was shaking in the wind. That's about all I have for you's today, it's 930 AM here and my train is at 7PM, so I reckon my day will consist of hanging around for the last time with all my friends. It's really quite something- of all the people we met and did some activity with in Hampi, 5 are here now...all staying in the same hut complex. It's like a tropical trailer park community. I'll end this post on that note.



  1. Glad to hear about your new plans and looking forward to learning more about what you are going to see. Please make a contact with someone (local person) when you are there so if you go off on your own they will know about it and expect you back. Remember, no search and rescue there. Better still would be to hook up with a local to do your exploring.
    Keep safe and vigilant.
    Love, Grama R.

  2. Nick, I would have LOVED to see those crabs climbing trees, my zoology side is so envious! You have seen some incredible things, I can just imagine that. Plus, being in that thunderstorm overnight hearing the thunder and the wind.... incredible. I am looking forward as always to your next post, from natural phenomena to cultural.... Yes, get that camera too. Love Mom

  3. Being prudent is being careful, but not timid-glad to see you found a new way to achieve your goal Nick---Keep Living that Dream--Uncle Jack

  4. GReat posting Nick. You are learning your way around and how to find your destinations. Remember you had a contact in Mumbai who you could have called. He offered you the opportunity of staying at his home. That would have been another cultural experience.
    I checked out Varanasi - should be full of exciting historical sites that you will see. Hope you bought your new camera because this looks like a good picture opportunity.
    Your travelling alone is still not comfortable for me (and your Mom of course), so we look forward to hearing from you.
    Grama R.