Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Mighty Ganga... absolutely filthy. That said, I just swam across it with a bunch of people from my guesthouse. More on that in a bit. Last night I drank a beer, met some folks, and generally took'er easy. No street brawls. This morning I met a Dutch guy, and we seem to be on the same page so I showed him some cool spots, and we explored a part of town that is new to me. Upon returning to the base (our guesthouse), a group of people, some who I chatted with last night, brazenly announced "We're swimming across the Ganges, whos with us?!?!". Being a 19 year old male, I jumped at the oppurtunity. With us went 2 boats of spectators- about 8 swam. Upon reaching the far bank, we found corpses and bones. A perfect, sunbaked skull had watched us approach. Swimming back was really beatutiful though- temples and ghats of this ancient city as far as the eye could see as we swam through the sacred river. Great experience. Upon completing our mission, everyone rushed for the showers...understandably. I really am not putting too much effort into this post as my mind really isn't into it now- maybe I'll elaborate later. Let's's about 3pm here, my train to Mumbai is at 11, and it's a 30 hour behemoth. Thankfully I have a comfortable sleeper class seat booked, and am doing a book swap, so I'll have some good entertainment. 7 days left!


  1. Well Nick, that one really made my MOTHER ALARM BELLS RING ON MAXIMUM! What a way to jolt the brain awake (imagine a GIANT NEON EXCLAMATION POINT FORMING ABOVE MY HEAD AS I READ THIS). I hope you didn't swallow that water!!!!!!! Oh, I am glad I didn't know in advance you were doing that! You will be able to tell your grandchildren that one as long (as you don't come down with an infection now)! As gruesome as it is, its not exactly something that the average Canadian can attest to doing. If you start getting stomach cramps or any other sign of infection, including in a cut or sore, get to to a doctor and FAST! One more week, yes, one more week.... Love Mom

  2. This is a little yucky. But I find the pool at the Y a little yucky.

  3. Nick - your mission now is to come home well and safe. 7 days is still too long for us to wait. Please think of us back here when you decide to do these daring feats. We want you back whole! Don't blow it! You have enough memories to write a book.