Saturday, May 8, 2010

32 hours later

Left my hotel at 11 AM yesterday to catch a 1 PM train that was 2 hours late. It was delayed for an additional 5 hours, so my 16 hour train ride was stretched to an ardous 23 hours. I'm sure glad I bought a good book (Catch 22) before boarding. Upon arrival in Siliguri, I got in a shared jeep that took me to Darjeeling. The views were incredible, can't wait to see them in the morning. It's raining up here, and rather cold. This is to be expected at 2000M. There are many Nepalese here, and so far I've found them to be a very friendly people. There is a bit of a seperatist movement it seems, signs are everywhere, but it is of no concern to a transient visitor like me. The roads here are INCREDIBLY steep, I won't try to describe it- I'll use photographic evidence. I reckon once I get home, in conjuntion with this blog I will set up some sort of photo-bank online that people can look at. This added dimension will help y'all see what I'm seeing. Anyways, I don't really have much else to write- I'm a bit fried from the travel and I haven't had a good hearty meal in a couple that's where my mind is right now. This place is renouned worldwide for its tea, so I figure a nice cup with my meal is the only suitable course of action. Tibetan food has a good reputation too- and on that note I will sign off.



  1. "The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once-by even a glimpse would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the world combined" - Mark Twain

    It sounds like Mark Twain shared your perception about Darjeeling, but he didn't have camera to capture it like you can for us. I can just imagine what you are seeing! Yikes about the roads! I guess that is common based on where you are now! Hope you have a good rest now that you made it there after that long journey. Amazing. Again. Amazing.

  2. Looking forward to seeing all of your photos eventually, Nick. Your writing is a sensory delight so the photos will just complete all that you've written about thus far. Stay safe and enjoy. Dylan is somewhere in the Kashmir region, probably not too far away. He should have just arrived after a 30 hour + train trip.